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Attorney: Integrity Commission should not continue under present circumstances

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Attorney: Integrity Commission should not continue under present circumstances

Attorney at Law, Martin George, has described the latest developments within the Integrity Commission as “disturbing and troubling.”

He said it is untenable for the Commission to move forward as currently constituted as its credibility as an independent body is being questioned.

This follows Thursday’s resignation of Retired Justice Sebastian Ventour from his post as Deputy Chairman of the Commission over what he deemed to be the premature closure of the emailgate matter and Wednesday’s resignation of another Member, Dr. Shelly-Ann Lalchan.

On this, Mr. George said: “Those statements, I think, have cast the entire Commission in a light which makes it, I think, untenable and I say this with the greatest of respect to all the members who remain on the Commission but I think in light of those very clear and poignant comments by Justice Ventour, I think it makes it untenable for the Commission to continue as presently constituted.”

Attorney George said attempts by the Commission to refute the statements made by Justice Ventour would result in the public’s trust in the Integrity Commission being compromised even further.

“There is no good way out of this in the sense that if the Commission of itself were to now seek to try to refute or counteract the very clear and direct statements of Justice Ventour, it would mean either they now engage in an exercise whereby they now have to attack what he has said and there‚Äôs no good end to something like that and I think what is going to happen is that public confidence in the integrity of the Integrity Commission is going to be shot to hell.”

The Integrity Commission must comprise a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and three other members, while three members, inclusive of the Chairman or Vice Chairman, must be present to constitute a quorum.

Attorney George said the power now rests with the President to decide on the future of the Commission.

He thinks the only sensible decision is for the Commission to be dissolved.
Written by C News

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