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Man found guilty of rape weeps in court

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Man found guilty of rape weeps in court

A CARENAGE man wept after being found guilty of raping a young woman yesterday. He will be sentenced today.

  Dion Julien, 30, was found guilty of raping the woman on June 5, 1988, after he agreed to walk her home from a party at a cricket club on Beard Street, Carenage.

  State attorney, Geoffrey Henderson, told the Fourth Criminal Court that the victim, an executive assistant at a Port-of-Spain firm, asked Julien to walk her to her home which was two minutes away from the club.

  As they walked, the woman told Julien that she wanted to relieve herself and went into a washroom in someone’s yard.

  She said as she stooped to relieve herself Julien came up behind her and pulled her up.

  She said she did not scream, but struggled, and that as she did so, she fell hit her head and lost consciousness.

  She said that when she came to, she realised she had been raped.

  In his defence, Julien said he agreed to walk her home and that she suggested they have sex.

  He said when they were having sex, he felt the woman was not responding so he pulled on his clothes. He said he called her name twice only to realise that she was unconscious and that he revived her.

  He said she refused his offer to continue walking her hone.

  The jury took a little over three hours to find the accused guilty.

  When the verdict was announced, Julien broke down in tears and buried his face in his hands.

  Defence attorney, Martin George, said Julien had no previous convictions and there had to be “a distinction between a scenario where someone plans and sets out to commit an offence” and the one that just happened where the accused “proceeded recklessly.”

  Attorney George also urged the court to recognise that Julien had no previous convictions and had a wife and two children and was the sole breadwinner for the family.

  Justice Melville Baird told the court he would take all the attorney had said into consideration and thanked the jury for their service.

  Julien will be sentenced today at 9 am.


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