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CpI Wayne Hayde wins $40,000 libel case

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CpI Wayne Hayde wins $40,000 libel case

16th April, 1996

Head of the Police Second Division, Corporal Wayne Hayde yesterday won a $40,000 court settlement from the Bomb newspaper. He was represented by attorney Martin George.

 Hayed had filed a libel suit on October 29, 1993 against the Bomb newspaper and its publisher, Sat Maharaj, and then Bomb writer Dr Morgan Job.

 The source of contention was an article head lined “Dimples greet bold coup plot” written by Dr Morgan Job and published on February 26, 1993.

Yesterday, however, before Justice Annestine Sealey in the Port-of-Spain Second Civil Court, an order was entered into by consent of the two parties that judgment be given in favour of Hayde.

 Defence Attorney Prakash Moosai also stood up in court and apologised for the article and “for any injury” caused by it.

 Hayed will receive $20,000 today and two installments of $10,000 each in May and June.

 No order was made as to the cost of the trial but Hayde can apply to the court for this.


Wayne Hayde gets $40,000 in damages

WAYNE HAYDE, president of the Police Second Division Social and Welfare Association, was yesterday awarded $40,000 in damages in an out-of-court settlement with the weekly newspaper, the Bomb.

    A consent order was submitted to the court by attorneys representing both Hayde and the Bomb.

The case was called before Madame Justice Annestine Sealey in the Port-of-Spain Second Civil Court. Karl Hudson-Phillips QC and Martin George appeared for Hayde, while Prakash Moosai represented the newspaper.

  Hayde, also known in the calypso world as Watchman, sued the Bomb for libel following publication of an article headlined “Dimples greet bold coup plot” in the newspaper on February 26, 1993.

  When the case was called yesterday, Moosai sought leave of the court to file an amended defence. George objected and the case was stood down to allow filing of an application seeking the leave of the court.

  However, during the recess, attorneys for both parties arrived at a settlement. When the case was recalled, a consent order was submitted to the judge.


Hayde, ‘Bomb’ settle libel case 

THE BOMB NEWSPAPER and policeman / calypsonian Cpl Wayne Hayde (Watchman) yesterday settled a libel order by consent before a High Court Judge.

Hayde, represented by Karl Hudson-Phillips SC and Martin George, sued the bomb and publisher Sat Maharaj for libel contained in an article written by columnist Dr. Morgan Job.

The article of February 26, 1993 headlined “Dimples greet bold coup plot” alleged inter alia, that Hayde was involved in plotting a coup.

The Bomb which was represented by attorney Prakash Moosai, capitulated before Justice Annestine Sealey in the Second Civil Court. They agreed to settle the matter for an undisclosed sum.



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