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Give us back our money or the land

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Give us back our money or the land

by Martin George

30th October, 1996

THE EDITOR: An open letter to the Minister of Housing and Settlements: We the applicants of the National Housing Authority Signal Hill Phase One land allotment project are calling upon you to use your good office to investigate what has become of the millions of dollars which we have collectively paid to the National Housing Authority, in what now seems to have been the vain and foolish hope that we were getting lands for our monies.

¬†It has been more than three years now that the National Housing Authority has taken and had use of our monies, meanwhile we are constrained to pay hefty sums to the banks by ways of interest on these monies and we have had neither the use of the monies nor the land. Our queries to the National Housing Authority’s Tobago office have been met with blank stares, shrugged shoulders and consoling looks of pity such as one would give an orphan who asks for his parents. When we have gotten responses, they have been as non-committal as they have been cryptic, the sum total of them being less than zero.

 Please let us know what has become of our monies and/or the plans to allot the said lands so that we can have either our monies or our allotments of land in the soonest possible time. Thanking you in advance.

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