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Procurement Legislation Flawed?

Procurement Legislation Flawed? Martin George speaks on Morning Edition about the Procurement Act. In this episode of Morning Edition, Attorney at Law Martin George shares his thoughts on the controversy that has erupted over the Procurement Act. This after the government granted an Order of exemption without the approval of Parliament. There is now a debate between the government and the opposition over the issue. During the interview, Attorney at Law Martin George said "There is no use to us having Procurement Legislation on the books if you are going to circumvent, side-step, or avoid its' implications by simply saying this time it...

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THA Budget Allocation of $4.54B

THA Budget Allocation of $5.54B The President of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George, speaks on The Morning Brew about the THA $4.54B Budget Allocations. Mr. George highlighted the timing of the THA budget compared to the national budget. He emphasizes that the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago should call upon their leaders for greater financial accountability and responsibility. THA Budget Allocation of $4.54B ...

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