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Widow to sue Massy and NiQuan after husband’s fatal accident

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Widow to sue Massy and NiQuan after husband’s fatal accident

Widow to sue Massy and NiQuan after husband’s fatal accident

The widow of 35-year-old Allanlane Ramkissoon, a pipe fitter from Massy Energy Engineered Solutions Limited (MEES) who died from injuries he sustained at NiQuan’s gas to liquids plant over three weeks ago, has signalled her intention to sue both Massy and NiQuan.

Sarah Ramkissoon, through her attorneys Martin George and Company, did not identify a sum she wanted but asked both companies to make a financial settlement to the family in line with the pain and suffering that her husband would have endured.

Legal letters were issued yesterday to both companies in which she also called for a full and comprehensive report on the accident which eventually took the life of her husband.

In her letter addressed to Massy’s chief executive Gervase Warner, Ramkissoon told her lawyers that “to date she has not been notified by your company of any details of the cause and origin of the accident which claimed the life of the deceased”.

“We therefore hereby call upon your company to provide to us in writing all of the relevant details pertaining to the cause and origin of the said accident which occurred on the NiQuan Plant on 15th June 2023 which led to the untimely demise of the deceased,” the letter stated.

She noted that prior to his death Ramkissoon was the sole breadwinner in the family and had left two children in her care.

She said that he supplemented his income at MEES through farming to support the family.

The letter said, “It is clear that your company owed a duty of care to the deceased as its employee and in these circumstances, having regard to the accident, it is our client’s position that the company breached that duty of care by failing to provide the deceased with a safe working environment and this breach subsequently resulted in the deceased’s life being claimed.”

Massy’s attorneys told Guardian Media yesterday that they had not yet received the letter and it would be inappropriate to comment at this time.

NiQuan’s safety in question

In her letter to NiQuan, the widow called on the company to provide written details of its safety record.

“We also request details of your company’s track record for safety and records in relation to previous accidents. We further request an official report on the accident. Additionally, we also request details as to whether there was strict compliance by your company with the Occupational Safety and Health Act Chapter 88:08 of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and whether any investigation has begun by the Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Agency in relation to this accident,” the letter noted.

In a statement published on June 28, NiQuan had said that the plant was undergoing maintenance work by MEES at the time of the incident under a long-term Master Services Agreement.

“The initial injury to Mr Ramkissoon was sustained while he was carrying out permitted-to-work preparations for routine planned maintenance works at the Plant. The Plant was not running at the time except for production of steam,” NiQuan had said.

It noted that the incident was unrelated to the April 2022 explosion.

Since then, NiQuan has been hit with a prohibition order from The Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) which stops work at the unit where the accident took place. In addition, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) is conducting an investigation into the incident.

NiQuan said it had engaged an external and independent Root Cause Analysis (“RCA”) expert: Edward R Brathwaite, Director and Principal Consultant at Incredible Safety Services Limited as part of a joint exercise with Massy.

NiQuan said it has reviewed the systems of work and has already implemented the enhancements and measures which will prevent the recurrence of an incident of this nature.

NiQuan last night said they had received a letter from Ramkissoon’s lawyers “referencing an incident which occurred at the NiQuan plant recently”. They stated that the matter was “private and confidential” and, therefore, were not prepared to comment the public domain.

NiQuan stated it was awaiting an official report from an investigation being undertaken by relevant authorities. Thye extended sympathy to the family.

Widow to sue Massy, NiQuan after husband’s fatal accident

By: Asha Javeed

Guardian Newspaper Trinidad and Tobago

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