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Tobago Business Chamber calls for full reopening of the Economy

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Tobago Business Chamber calls for full reopening of the Economy

The Tobago Business Chamber is calling for the full reopening of the Economy and the full return to life as normal in T&T.

In an interview with Loop News today, Chamber President Martin George said he was over joyed with the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday that consideration will be given to the move.

George noted that it is time that citizens consider that “we need learn to live with Covid and learn to die with Covid.”

He said while it is not a happy scenario, nor something he wished for upon anyone, “the reality is the world is moving on, with the population getting past the virus while learning to live with it.”

“And Trinidad and Tobago sooner or later needs to get up to speed and have a full reopening of the economy and a full reopening of life as normal” he said.

He said this is needed for the mental health of the population as well:

“People have suffered long Covid fatigue as well as stress, intolerance and impatience. All sorts of things have built up over this time of lockdowns and restrictions” he said.

George said the entire nation “is just waiting to exhale, so while we compliment the PM for his thoughts, we encourage him to put it into action as soon as possible so that we can see the full return to economic activity both in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Speaking at a People’s National Movement meeting in San Fernando on Tuesday night, Dr Rowley said he plans to meet with the health team soon to discuss the possibility of reopening T&T completely following the nation’s battle with COVID-19.

The Prime Minister said that since there was no adverse effect on the health system with the additional mixing that would have occurred just over two weeks ago for Carnival 2022, he’s prepared to speak soon with the health team to vouch for a full reopening.

“I see no reason now, not to open the country completely” he said.

Date: March 24, 2022

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