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Tobago chambers congratulate PDP on THA win

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Tobago chambers congratulate PDP on THA win

THE TOBAGO BUSINESS CHAMBER and the Tobago chapter of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Business and Commerce have both sent heartfelt congratulations to the PDP on its win against the Tobago PNM in the THA elections.

Both chambers expressed their desire to work with the new administration.

“We are clear on our desire to work along with this incoming administration to ensure that the elements of the Tobago private sector are brought back to life so that we could have a vibrant business sector in Tobago,” said Martin George, chairman and founding director of the Tobago Business Chamber.

Diane Hadad, chairman of the Tobago chapter of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in sending her congratulations, said the newly elected PDP would have an opportunity to jump-start Tobago over the next four years. She said, however, that people need to give the party a chance to present its ideas to the people of Tobago.

“I would prefer to allow the people who clearly have a mandate to take the island forward to present to the chamber their plans and we will contribute to those plans,” she said. “We are not here to give them a directive; we are here to allow them to share their ideas.

“They didn’t get this far without knowing the pain of Tobago. By understanding the pain they should have suggested solutions. And if they are not going to be given the opportunity to push their solutions, then there would have been no point in the elections.”

George called for the PDP to lobby the central government for the immediate repeal of the Foreign Investors Act.

“This is at a time when Trinidad and Tobago as a whole needs foreign exchange and foreign investment, so that act, which prohibits and creates a stumbling block for foreign investment, we need that repealed immediately,” he said.

He also expressed a desire for the chamber to join with the new administration to provide education and mentorship opportunities for young people in business.

“We wish to show young people that there are good opportunities in developing your own business,” George said. “We are also willing to work with the incumbent administration to ensure that incubators are developed for young entrepreneurs so that they could understand the importance of good business administration and good business practices.”


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