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Woman files claim against attorney

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Woman files claim against attorney

A CUNUPIA woman has filed a claim in the High Court to get back $292,243.49 from a female Port of Spain attorney who handled the family’s Estate. The claim, filed by attorneys from the firm, Martin George and Co, comes up for hearing in April before Justice Joan Charles.

The claim alleges the attorney consistently failed and/or refused to account for the money which was supposed to be distributed among the beneficiaries of an Estate of a man who died in 2011.

The claim also seeks damages for conversion of the money the attorney received and alleges that since 2017, the woman has been trying to get the attorney to pay out the money from the Estate.

She also claims that in November, she was told everything would be settled by the end of that month. She said she was then told the money was “not physically there” and was asked by the lawyer for more time.

The woman said that in response to a pre-action protocol letter, the attorney admitted owing the money and asked for time to pay. Initially, 28 days were given and a further extension of another 28 days was rejected. The Cunupia woman said she is being pressured by the beneficiaries of the Estate for their money.

She also alleged that the attorney has been selling out her assets and she fears the worst and will not receive a cent. The claim also said the attorney, in documents filed in court, asked permission to pay an initial $100,000 by February 14, and monthly payments of $10,000 until the full amount is paid. To date, no payment has been made.

Last week, in a separate incident, a judge ordered another attorney arrested and imprisoned for a year for failing to pay $209,142.02 as benefits of an overpayment to a client.

In checks up to Tuesday, Newsday was told the warrant was yet to be executed on the lawyer who had previously been spared six months jail when she paid more than $100,000 to a client, which represented damages awarded to the client in a lawsuit involving her son who died in an accident. If arrested, the attorney will be immediately released if she pays the sum owed as well as interest.


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