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Tobago Chamber head: ‘We want more flights’

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Tobago Chamber head: ‘We want more flights’

The Tobago Business Chamber is urging the Government to increase the number of flights between the two islands.

At a news conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, on September 12, the Prime Minister announced the covid19 restrictions that were in place from August 17-September 13 will continue for another month, as there had been no significant let-up in new infections.

He said restrictions on beaches, churches, gyms and in-house dining at restaurants will remain until October 11.

Airline travel between the two islands has also been restricted, with CAL operating one flight per day.

But in a WhatsApp voice note, the Tobago Chamber’s chairman Martin George said while the organisation supports the continued efforts to stop the spread of the virus, members want the Government to increase the number of flights.

His members have consistently called this for emergency personnel and those deemed essential workers, he said.

George said businessmen have reported difficulty in getting flights to and from Tobago.

“There have been complaints even from medical doctors, legal personnel and others who are within the category of essential services to even get flights to and from Tobago because of the current restrictions of only one flight – and the flight is not going full. It is going at 50 per cent capacity.”

George urged the Government to introduce two additional flights.

“So, therefore, you will have at least three flights per day, to Trinidad and three flights a day to Tobago. That would certainly help to ease the facilitation of transport to and from Tobago for essential personnel.”

George said members are looking forward to the gradual ease of restrictions to help revive the island’s economy.

“Once rivers and beaches are reopened, and maybe in-house dining, we know that for sure you will have a greater influx of Trinidadians coming across to Tobago for vacation, and at least there will be some effort to bring back some stimulus to the tourism sector in Tobago.”

The chamber is willing to help prevent the spread of the virus, he said.

“It is a tough time for all of us and we understand that it requires national sacrifice and dedication. We are willing to play our part because we see this as short-term pain for the purposes of long-term gain.”

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