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Abdulla v Abdulla TT [2011] HC 173

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Abdulla v Abdulla TT [2011] HC 173

Case Name: Abdulla v Abdulla TT [2011] HC 173

 Judge: Ramkerrysingh, J.

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Subject: Family law


The unique feature of this case is that the main capital assets which comprise (1) the former matrimonial home situate at 60 Western Circle Westmoorings, (2) the Husband’s company Printables, and indeed virtually the family’s entire lifestyle and business investments over the years have largely been provided by a third-party benefactor (that is, the wife’s stepfather) who,  throughout the marriage provided the financial security and stability for this family over and above either of the parties themselves. The step-father’s involvement can only be accredited to his relationship with the wife.

W said that H was careless in the way he managed his affairs and spent money freely, knowing that he could always rely on her stepfather to take him out of a financial crisis. W said that H unashamedly approached her step-father whenever he found himself in a financial rut. Of course H denied all of this saying instead that he was a shrewd businessman and did everything in his power to keep his business afloat, but in spite of his best efforts it eventually fell victim to his mounting financial worries, caused in large part by W’s overspending and longing for a lavish lifestyle that could not be sustained by the business



In calculating the award the court took into consideration that W for the rest of her life would be dependent on her stepfather and in light of that they thought that she should be given the chance to be independent. She had no academic qualifications, which severely lessened her chances of being employed, and she had very little work experience which further hindered any expectation of employment.

The court was of the view that there was every indication that H’s business would remain a viable entity and should begin to see comfortable profits, however they thought that he should be given time to re-arrange his financial and business affairs

Hence it was therefore ordered inter alia that:

The Husband shall pay the Wife the sum of $1,018,096 on or before the 31st May 2013.



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