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In a heartbreaking story this week, a mother brought her daughter, Jillian Murray, to chat with Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne, after she lost her twins at the Mt Hope Women’s Hospital on September 1. It was alleged that a pregnant Murray, 19, was injected with a painkiller and sent home to rest after she visited the hospital with a complaint. The same night, however, she awoke in excruciating pain and was rushed back to the medical facility, where her twins were pronounced dead.

Murray showed Alleyne the autopsy report, which documented that the twins died due to brain haemorrhaging. She blamed the hospital for negligence. Alleyne said this was once again a case where poor people were not given proper treatment when they went to health facilities seeking help. Investigations are continuing.

In another story, live footage of a break-in at Kala’s roti shop in Charlieville was aired. Alleyne appealed to the public to help him identify the suspect and to call Crime Watch so the perpetrator could be brought to justice. The Crime Watch host also visited a Longdenville businessman who was attacked by bandits in front his home as he was getting out of his vehicle. The businessman drew his licensed firearm and fired at the bandits, who returned fire before escaping. Luckily, the businessman escaped injury.

The Central Division police are investigating the matter. Anyone with information on the identities or whereabouts of the suspects is asked to contact Crime Watch. Alleyne and his team also journeyed to Central where 55-year-old Hamenarine Samsundar, aka Tom, a drainage worker and small businessman, was shot dead at his Bejucal, Chaguanas, home. Alleyne interviewed Sr Supt Johnny Abraham at the scene.

Abraham said he was unable to disclose the motive for the killing, but said they had leads they were following and would move swiftly to bring the suspect(s) to justice. The family and girlfriend of a missing man, Carlton Patterson, who lives at Southern Main Road, Savonetta, were also interviewed on the show. Patterson was last seen in Carenage on his way to a job.

Anyone who has information on the man’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Crime Watch hotlines. Meanwhile, Alleyne also conducted his own investigations after interviewing Kevin Katrai, who appeared on the show stating that he gave a Facebook friend $14,000 after she claimed she needed a loan because her mother had died. After the show, the girl’s parents contacted Alleyne to say Katrai’s Facebook friend was a minor and that the man was lying. They said they intended to pursue the matter in court.

The following day, Katrai attempted to commit suicide by ingesting Paraquat. He admitted himself to the hospital and was discharged the same day. He then came back to Crime Watch, where he told Alleyne he was stressed out by the situation. He apologised to the family for threats he made in attempts to recover his money.

In one of the more sombre cases, Alleyne visited the scene in Chaguanas where a woman committed suicide. Sadly, the incident occurred three months after the woman’s husband had committed suicide amidst issues of adultery and domestic violence. The woman was unable to overcome the guilt which caused her husband to take his life. She took her own life in the same fashion, hanging herself in the very same spot where her husband had taken his life.

Extracted From; Trinidad Guardian Newspaper
Saturday, September 20, 2014

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