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Women Freed

Women Freed

By Elizabeth Williams

Story Created: Sep 7, 2013 at 11:11 PM ECT

Story Updated: Sep 7, 2013 at 11:11 PM ECT 

Two sisters of Parlatuvier Tobago who had been charged with stealing hundreds of grocery items from a Supermarket in Plymouth Tobago were on Tuesday freed by Senior Magistrate Nanette Forde John in the Scarborough Magistrates Court. The sisters were represented by Attorneys Carol Ann Bernard and Martin George.
The two sisters Linda Daniel and Uris Daniel who are both in their fifties were charged with receiving the stolen goods comprising carloads of groceries ranging from condensed milk to, eggs, butter, sugar, sausages, rice, macaroni, corned beef, pepper sauce, garbage bags and alcohol among other items. The case was historic and groundbreaking in Tobago in that video evidence was admitted from surveillance cameras located in the supermarket. The evidence was shown in the courthouse clearly showing what transpired in the supermarket and the supermarket owner Shawn Warner gave an accurate testimony of the events that transpired.
Police Officers raided the homes of both sisters and seized van loads of grocery items and arrested and charged both sisters for the hundreds of items. After all the evidence was presented to the Court, Attorneys Martin George and Carol Bernard made a no-case submission pointing out that despite all the evidence including the clear video evidence, their clients had no case to answer. After due consideration of the legal ramifications and implications, the Magistrate agreed and set the sisters free yesterday.
They were overjoyed and thankful to God and their attorneys as they said this had been a stain on their impeccable characters and antecedents in that persons as far away as in New York had heard about them being arrested and charged and had called them about it. They are now seeking to have their names cleared totally and have given instructions by their Attorney Martin George to file for MALICIOUS PROSECUTION against the State and the police officers involved for the trauma of the wrongful prosecution against them and the loss of the grocery items seized from their homes which the Police have not accounted for and have never returned to them.

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