About the Medical Complaints Council

The Medical Complaints Council of Trinidad and Tobago (“the Council”) is a Non- Profit Organization founded by Attorney-At-Law Martin Anthony George. Mr. George has been in practice for twenty-three (23) years and has written extensively on the topic of medical negligence. Mr. George is a prominent advocate of driving improvements in our healthcare services; having made numerous appearances across our national media to raise awareness and encourage discussion on the work needed to advance our healthcare system.

The Council was established and incorporated on the 25th May, 2015. It is an independent, non-profit organization, which provides free service to members of the public. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are allowed to make formal complaints regarding any harm or injury suffered, as a result of the alleged negligence of any hospital, medical authority and/or medical practitioner within any private or public health institution within Trinidad and Tobago. All complaints made by citizens will be gathered and subsequently dealt with by the Medical Complaints Council in the most effective, impartial and expeditious manner.

To date the Council is operating out of the office of Martin George and Company located at #43 Dundonald Street, Port-of Spain and #33 Bacolet Park, Scarborough Tobago. In order to make a complaint, the complainant must first call either the firm’s Trinidad Office at (868) 623-5187 or our Tobago Office at (868) 639-1579 to schedule an appointment.

The complainant will then visit one of our offices whether it be the Tobago or Trinidad office and meet with the Council’s Interviewing Officer. The Project cases would be constantly monitored and evaluated by a Senior Medical Officer, the Head Attorney and the management board twice per month.