T&TEC employee Clarence Sealey of Golden Lane, Tobago, was yesterday  afternoon freed by a Jury in the High Court in Tobago when they returned a Not Guilty verdict before Justice Gillian Lucky.

The State was represented by Maurecia Joseph who prosecuted the case and Mr. Sealey was represented by Attorneys Martin George & Jovelle Lewis both of MARTIN GEORGE & CO.

Sealey had been charged since 2004 with driving dangerously on the Claude Noel Highway in the vicinity of All Fields Trace and causing the death of Policewoman Raye Ann Murray who was a front seat passenger in his vehicle.

The State’s case was that Sealey attempted an illegal overtaking manouvre by driving in the lane of the oncoming traffic and thereby colliding with a vehicle which was lawfully turning right into All Fields Trace.

Sealey’s Defence as argued by his Attorneys was that he was lawfully proceeding in the left lane heading in the direction of the airport when a car ahead of him which had been signalling to turn left and was in the filtering lane to turn left into All Fields Trace, suddenly turned right into his path causing the collision.

Police Officer Raye Ann Murray who was his front seat passenger died as a result of the collision and the Police subsequently charged Clarence Sealey for Motor Manslaughter.

The High Court trial began in the month of June and was completed today when the Jury returned the Not Guilty verdict.

Mr. Sealey expressed his Thanks to God and to his Attorneys MARTIN GEORGE & CO for their Defence in the matter.


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