Attorney Martin George says he hopes that the State is well-prepared for its case against the 11 persons charged with the murder of Dana Seetahal and who have also been charged under the Anti-Gang Act.

Noting that during the 2011 State of Emergency, several unsuccessful attempts were made to charge persons under the Act, he said the State must do several things to prove that these persons were part of a gang.

“This time around, particularly in relation to such a high profile case, they would obviously have dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t.’ In other words, I would imagine they would have information such as the name of the gang, maybe a list of the members of the gang, addresses, maybe some kind of information to suggest some identifying signals or symbols or something that would ensure that you can make a case that stands up to proof beyond reasonable doubt that these persons are members of a gang.”

In the case of the murder of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal, he said the State has to prove that each one of the 11 accused was an active part of her murder.

“Either you may have been part of the whole sequence of events by way of being the getaway driver or you may have been the driver of a vehicle which blocked Ms. Seetahal’s vehicle, or you may have been a trigger man or you may have supplied the arms and ammunition knowing it was for such purpose. So you must have very clear, cogent and direct links for each and every one of these 11 persons.”

Written by C News


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