MEMBERS of a family are blaming negligence at the San Fernando General Hospital and the alleged actions of a Coast Guard officer for the death of their loved one….

Wendy Gopaul-Lalchan, 49, was struck by a vehicle allegedly driven by the officer back on August 11…
She was attempting to cross the St Marre Road in Bonasse, Cedros, to meet her husband, said her daughter Daniella Lalchan.
“The right side of her body was run over” said Lalchan. She said her father and brother had to lift the car off Gopaul-Lalchan while the Coast Guard officer and two other officers allegedly offered no assistance.
Lalchan said her mother was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she spent five days in the Intensive Care Unit.
The family alleged that Gopaul-Lalchan was given medication which triggered breathing problems.
Gopaul-Lalchan, who suffered a broken right leg and spinal injury, died on Independence Day.
Lalchan said her mother died from bilateral pulmonary embolism. She said no charges have yet been laid against the Coast Guard officer. Cedros police officers are investigating the case. Lalchan said they are seeking legal advice about the events that led to Gopaul-Lalchan’s death.
Extracted From: Trinidad Express Newspaper
Published on Sep 15, 2009,


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