Dulin Semper, the Princes Town mother who delivered her baby on the floor of her living room hours after her discharge from the San Fernando General Hospital, is considering taking legal action for what she considers medical negligence.

Semper, 27, has rejected the claim of hospital authorities that she was not in labour when sent home last Saturday.

Semper was sent home after being monitored and examined by a female doctor, who told her she was just having contractions and she would not have the baby until later this week.

She delivered the baby three hours later.

Yesterday, Semper said, “I am real disappointed about the situation and I plan to take action as soon as I am able to move about. Today is my due date and I am in pain. The hospital was supposed to keep me because is not like it had no beds, there were a lot of empty beds on the ward.”

Hospital officials have maintained that after examining Semper, it was determined that she was not in labour at the time.

Her condition was described as “false labour” and it is the policy of the hospital to send women who are not in labour back home, with the advice to return when they are in labour.

Extracted From: Trinidad Express Newspaper
Published on Jan 18, 2011


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