Something is drastically wrong when a young woman is admitted to a public hospital for C-section delivery and dies on the operating table, allegedly because of negligence. And it’s downright frightening when the attending doctors and nurses are suspended for only two weeks with pay, and blatantly refuse to cooperate with the investigation.

This certainly raises a lot of concerns as, according to a newspaper report, even the former CEO stated via an exchange of emails that: “It is quite clear to me that we have breached the MOH policy on the management of high-risk cases” and, “…I will need to address with the assistance of the new board…the dismissal of staff on grounds of medical mismanagement”. She also admitted: “If they decide to take legal action, this would not be a case to defend.”

When someone is injured or killed in a workplace, it is standard procedure for an investigation to be carried out.

Why then should this be any different unless, of course, doctors believe they are invincible and should not be held accountable for their actions?

Their stance against having the matter investigated leaves us to wonder how many other times procedures were not followed or lives lost due to possible negligence.

It’s all well and good that doctors and nurses are sticking up for each other, but they seem to be ignoring the most important fact – that the patient in question did not die on the way to the hospital or from a terminal illness; this was a young woman who died on the operating table under their watch, and whose family may never come to terms with the loss of a mother, daughter, sister and wife.

Extracted From: Trinidad Express Newspaper
Published on Mar 23, 2011


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