Attorney at Law Martin George says doctors should be held accountable for acts of malpractice in Trinidad and Tobago.

His statement comes over the death of baby Simeon, the newborn who died after a botched C-section at the Mount Hope Women’s Hospital on Carnival Saturday.

Mr. George said there are systematic shortcomings in the health sector that must be addressed.

“Education and information, those are the things you are supposed to use to make your system better. But if you just sweep it under the rug and brush it aside and you just continue, business as usual, then you will continue with these problems forever.”

Mr. George also suggested that thorough documentation of medical reports should be conducted at all times.

“I think that the Minister of Health needs to ensure that certain protocols in terms of a Bill of Patients’ Rights be clearly enunciated to the public so people know that when you come to the hospital they must give you this as a printed form that you have, that you must keep. In other words, a doctor must do A, B, C, D, and E. So let the patients now be able to hold them to that standard.”


Written by C News



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