Tuesday 29th June, 1993

It reflects on us as a people, and on the society as a whole.” She told the jury that the State had proven its case.

“You can’t let the age of the accused hasten you to arrive at the verdict. We are all appalled with shame from any young man’s action in a society like this. You would be uncomfortable for any 16-year-old to be charged with such a crime,” the prosecutor added.

White-Wilson said that such crimes seem to be the order of the day. “Our seeds are not growing. What about the trees, the flowers, the garden? Do we just mow the lawn? We need to weed it out. If the gardeners are not doing their work, then paradise is lost.”

She warned the jury not to believe that because of the age of the accused, he was incapable of committing such a crime. White-Wilson described Andrews as ‚Äúremorseless and without conscience.”

She reviewed the evidence of the State witnesses and said that the accused’s two friends, Kevin Rodriguez and Marlon Adams, gave crucial statements.

“Do you expect two boys of that age to just come here and lie? They were honest in their answers in this court,” White-Wilson said.

Defence attorney Ken Wright, in his address, said the evidence of the State was not conclusive in all its respects.

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It was patently lacking, he added.

Wright added that the police went to the home of the accused, after speaking to Rodriguez, and took Andrews down to the police station, leaving the boy’s mother behind.

He was critical of the statement allegedly made by the accused. He pointed out that Insp Stephen Quashie, who took the statement, never signed it.

Wright submitted that Andrews never gave the statement.

He said that Quashie gave papers to Andrews and told him to sign them, telling the boy that he would then be allowed to go home.