Handyman Guilty

by Francis Joseph,
Wednesday 30th June, 1993

LEROY ANDREWS, a handyman of Lopinot, was yesterday found guilty of the murder of Marion Narinesingh and sentenced to be detained at the State’s pleasure because – he was under 18 years old at the time of the murder.

Justice Lennox Deyalsingh, presiding in the Port-of-Spain First Assize Court, informed the accused that, based on the fact that he was 16 years old when the murder was committed, the sentence of the court was that he would he detained at the State’s pleasure. Persons over 18 who are convicted of murder are usually sentenced to hang.

Andrews, of Lopinot Road, Arouca, was on trial for the murder of Mrs Narinesingh on July 3, 1991, at Lopinot.

State attorney Ingrid White-Wilson prosecuted, while attorneys Ken Wright and Martin George appeared for Andrews.

The jury, comprising nine men and three women, deliberated for exactly two hours before arriving at the guilty verdict. Andrews remained silent as the verdict was announced.

He remained silent as he was led away. He was taken to the Youth Training Centre. A decision will be taken by the Minister of National Security as to where he will be detained.

University lecturer Dr Dyer Narinesingh, husband of the murder victim, wept as he left the Hall of Justice, the venue of the trial.

As soon as the accused was led away, Justice Deyalsingh told the jurors that murder was one of the most serious crimes in the society, “but if society is to continue and prosper, it is a crime which must be dealt with speedily and decisively.”

Justice Deyalsingh said the killing of Marion Narinesingh was brutal, horrible and senseless. “It goes beyond criminality into the realm of evil,” the judge added.

He continued, “the reality of evil is hard to believe in. Because of the reluctance on the part of well-meaning people, we fail to take a severe stand against serious crime refusing to believe that man is capable of evil.”

Justice Deyalsingh added that evil forces were on an unremitting march against goodness and decency in the society and declared that “we remain complacent at our peril.”

The judge said when serious crimes escalate and intensify, it reflects a society devoid of moral order. “Perhaps our failure really lies in our refusal to see the moral law as the cause of a stable society. With serious crimes and evil increasing and intensifying…we must take a stand and urgently seek to restore the moral order,” Justice Deyalsingh added.

The prosecution alleged that soon after Dr Narinesingh and his three children left the Lopinot house, Andrews entered the premises.

He went into the house and was confronted by Marion    Narinesingh in the kitchen. There was a struggle and she was pushed to the ground.

Andrews took the cord from a vacuum cleaner and strangled the woman. He then went into the kitchen, took a knife, and stabbed the woman in her throat.

The accused took a pot of boiling water and threw it on Miss Marion.

Andrews then set a mattress on fire and ran out of the house.


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