‘Escort’ gets 20 years for raping woman

by Nicola Ghouralal 
March 27, 1996

DION JULIEN lowered his head as Justice Melville Baird yesterday sentenced him to 20 years hard labour for the rape of a young woman, whom he had known for six years.

   Julien was found guilty of raping the woman while he was escorting her to her home from a party at a Carenage cricket club on June 5, 1988.

  The woman said she stopped off in the course of the two-minute walk to her home to use someone’s   bathroom and that Julien came up and raped her.

  During the incident, the woman passed out. She said she fell unconscious after putting up a struggle and falling and hitting her head.  Julien denied guilt saying the woman had invited him to have sex and that while in the act, she passed out. He said after she was revived, she refused his offer to continue walking her home.

    Justice Baird said the woman had sought protection from danger and what she needed was    protection from Julien who was her “friend” and that rape by a friend is “often more traumatic and atrocious” to a woman.

   Julien’s sister, who was outside the court, fainted when she heard the 20-year sentence passed.

    Attorney for the accused Martin George said an appeal will be filed.


Taken from: Trinidad Guardian Newpapers



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