by Curtis Williams

DION JULIEN, 30, of Constabulary Street, Carenage, was yesterday found guilty of the 1988 rape of an executive assistant.

Julien wept openly in Port of Spain Fourth Criminal Court as the nine-member jury comprising four women and five men returned the verdict.

The Jury took three hours to arrive at the guilty verdict. They had returned to the court after two and a half hours and said they could not reach a unanimous verdict but were asked to return to the jury room and come to a decision.

The State’s case was that on June 5, 1988, Julien and the young woman were at a party on Baird Street, Carenage.

She asked him to walk her home and while on her way home she told him that she wanted to use the toilet.  The woman went to the toilet and Julien entered a short time after. A struggle ensued and the woman hit her head and became unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she saw evidence that    she was sexually attacked and made a report to the police.

Julien admitted to having sex with her but claimed that she consented. Julien was later arrested and charged.

In pleading for mitigation Julien’s attorney, Martin George submitted that the court must make a distinction between a premeditated offence and the one his client has been found guilty of.

George reminded the court that alcohol was involved and said had the victim not become unconscious, his client might not have proceeded so recklessly.

Justice Melville Baird reserved sentencing for today.



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