11-year-old girl claims physical and sexual abuse by religious group

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl who claims that she was abused, physically and sexually, by a religious group in Sangre Grande is now the centre of a child custody battle between her father and mother.

According to reports, on Saturday the father of the child received a writ ordering him to hand over the child days after she was removed from the custody of her mother.

According to her father he removed his daughter shortly after he noticed severe bruises about her body including long whip-like marks along the arms and legs.

Newsday also learned about more bizarre practices by persons who reportedly took care of the child for more than two years, including not being allowed to go to school and being tied to a chair while her guardians were out.

Attorney representing the father, Martin George, claimed that he will try all in his power to prevent the mother from taking back the child.

The incidents have also been reported to the Morvant police, who are currently investigating.



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