Welcome to the world of Martin George & Co, where, if you’re looking to find an Attorney, then at the Law Firm of MARTIN GEORGE & CO (MAGCO), you will find Lawyers with more than Twenty Five years of Legal Practice experience, who are committed to providing quality professional Legal services to our clients in Trinidad & Tobago and also to our International clients from all over the globe, who have Legal matters in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Firm has offices both in Tobago and Trinidad and has a Team of five Attorneys and eight Administrative Professionals and includes Family Law lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Civil Law Lawyers, Immigration Lawyers, Adoption and Child Custody Lawyers. We are on the lists of Lawyers who rank among some of the busiest Civil Litigation Attorneys and Divorce lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago. The Firm has practice areas which include -: Defamation, Social Media & Cyber-Defamation, Medical Negligence, Constitutional Law, Judicial Review & Administrative Law, Wills & Probate and Administration of Estates, Conveyances & Real Estate matters and Family Law. We handle High Court Litigation, Appeals to the Court of Appeal, Contract and Industrial Relations matters at the Industrial Court and Insurance and Banking matters.

Trinidad Office

 We have the largest, most efficient and Professional Legal Service Firm of Attorneys in Tobago with full-time Lawyers in Tobago present at all times along with a full-service Administrative Professional staff. Our Tobago Office also has our Criminal Defence Attorney and our Human Rights Attorney and we have a Commissioner of Affidavits on hand. We also have Bailiffs, Marshals, Search Clerks and Process Servers as part of our Ancillary Support Staff, to provide efficient, executive and excellent service in real time and in keeping with the demands of a modern full-service International Law Firm.
We have represented clients in Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent and Trademark matters and 
we have the most dynamic, diverse and cutting-edge website and Facebook pages which provide a treasure trove of Legal cases, Laws and information and updates on on-going Court matters and landmark legal decisions in Trinidad and Tobago. Our approach has always been to share pro bono Legal knowledge and Information, as much as possible, because we believe that an enlightened and informed clientele, makes for a better understanding of one’s Legal Rights & Obligations. In that regard we’ve introduced our “Ask a Lawyer”, What’s App service, where clients can have live and direct conversations with online Attorneys on issues such as Consumer Rights Protection, Patents & Intellectual Property, Divorces & Family Law, Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Business Law, Wills & Probate & Administration of Estates, Inheritance Law and Income Tax matters.
Due to having branches both in Trinidad and in Tobago, we are members of the Trinidad & Tobago Law Association and also the Tobago Lawyers Association and we are able to provide quality professional Legal services, for clients both in Trinidad and also in Tobago. We work with quiet efficiency and confidentiality, while demonstrating our ability to build trusted and lasting relationships with our clients from all over the globe and also with our clients right here in Trinidad & Tobago.